Liza Grobler


Liza Grobler has participated in Spier's Artist Patronage Programme since 2014. Besides offering logistical support for her travelling exhibition, 'Blindfolded Line, Dancing Through Time' (2014), the programme has also enabled Grobler to produce a beautiful publication of this solo show, and has given her the opportunity to curate 'Decor-Z', Spier's Summer Exhibition 2015.

Grobler often embarks on ambitious collaborative projects with fellow artists; constructing objects, images and installations through interaction and exchange. Her work explores the tangible qualities of materials and the connections between people, artworks and the world around us; her installations creating dialogues with the spaces in which they are displayed.

Both 'Blindfolded Line, Dancing Through Time' and 'Decor-Z' are testament to this synergistic approach, and even her individual exhibitions, projects and interventions are integrated components that cross-reference one another.

Grobler’s publication, 'Blindfolded Line, Dancing Through Time', is available for sale at the Wine Tasting Centre.

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