Spier Artist Patronage Programme

10 February 2012

The Artist Patronage Programme is designed to give intensive support over an extended period (generally a period of four to five years) to artists Spier judges to be exceptional and whothey believe could greatly benefit from the creative freedom that the programme provides.

To date, five artists have been selected. These artists are listed below.

The first artist to participate, Wim Botha was able to use the programme to create the sculpture 'Mieliepap Pieta' , which still enjoys exposure at international museums six years after it was created.

The second artist, Paul Emmanuel has used the programme to produce 'Transitions' , which premiered at the Apartheid Museum, travelled to five other local museums in the country before it came to Spier, and then to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

The third artist, Tamlin Blake was able to create an ongoing body of work entitled "Altered Yarns" . Her ongoing body of work comprises a series of tapestries woven from re-cycled, handspun newspaper. After being exhibited at Spier, "Altered Yarns" was exhibited in London in May 2013.

The fourth artist was Berco Wilsenach. His first body of work produced under this scheme was exhibited at the Pretoria Art Museum and the Oliewenhuis Museum. An extended version of this exhibition entitled, 'The Blind Astronomer' was exhibited in 2013 at MOAD (Museum of African Design) in Johannesburg' s Maboneng Precinct before travelling internationally.

The current participant is Liza Grobler, whose travelling exhibition 'Blindfolded Line, Dancing Through Time', was installed at the Oliewenhuis Museum (Bloemfontein), KZNSA (Durban) and the JAG (Johannesburg). The programme offered logistical support for this show, enabled the production of a beautiful catalogue, and in 2015 offered Grobler the opportunity to curate an exhibition at Spier's newly restored Old Kitchen, entitled 'Decor-Z'.


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