The Qubeka Bead Studio

10 February 2012

The Qubeka Bead Studio, housed along with the Spier Arts Academy, the Creative Block and Yellowwoods Art at Union House, is a self-sufficient and lucrative business, owned entirely by the bead artists themselves.

Collaborating with professional fine artists to produce signature works, it was the success of the Qubeka programme that gave birth to the mosaic academy initiative.

Over the years Qubeka has worked with Jeanetta Blignaut, CEO of Yellowwoods Art, on a continued theme of collaboration with artists. Blignaut originally birthed the idea of artwork in the medium of beads, working closely with artists to translate brushstrokes into panels of thousands of beads is an incredible process that relies on a synergistic working relationship between the artists and Qubeka. Understanding each artist, piece of work and detail within it, is all-fundamental to the art of translation. It is here that Yellowwoods Arthas played a pivotal role in ensuring the best possible working relationship between the two, offering both critique and client/artist support to both parties.

Qubeka (meaning "continuation" in isiXhosa) is currently run by three dynamic artists and businesswomen: Neliswa Skiti, Mandisa Masina and Nolababalo Kanku.

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