Winter Exhibition Programme

17 June, 2013

This winter Spier is pleased to present a series of three art exhibitions, curated on the occasion of the international poetry festival, ‘Dancing in Other Words’.

More than Words

Spier Manor House
10 May – 31 July 2013

‘Vocabulary’ or ‘visual language’ are terms often used to describe the characteristics of an artist’s practice. Analogies with words are apt within the context of art, since the use of text has been a feature of artists’ practices since the early twentieth century. In 'More than Words' Spier presents a selection of artworks that explore this cross-pollination between the disciplines within a uniquely South African Context. The following artists use text as statement, as narrative, as instruction, in poetic and literary forms, or as the object of the artwork itself:

Arlene Amaler-Raviv
Olaf Bishoff
Willem Boshoff
Tom Cullberg
William Kentridge
Colin Richards

Image details:
William Kentridge
Universal Archive: Ref 54 (2012)
Linocut printed on non-archival pages from Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
Edition of 20
Size: 27 x 35 cm
Image courtesy of David Krut Projects

Maanfabet: The First Letters of Stonetalk

An exhibition by Breyten Breytenbach
Spier Manor House
10 May – 31 July 2013

"An ancient Swahili saying warns that he who sings bareheaded under the moon will be mad forever. And another says: Speak, or be stone forever. The works shown here, although not representative of any period, came about over many years and moons in different settings, and for a variety of purposes. I hope they also trace my ongoing efforts to learn to decipher the signs of communicating with images." Breytenbach

Image details:
Breyten Breytenbach
Firmas de los alumnos (Lorca) (2012)
Acrylic on canvas
162 x 120 cm
Image courtesy of Marjory van der Merwe Spier Manor House 10 May – 31 July 2013

Interrupted Daydreams

An exhibition by Liza Grobler
Spier Wine Tasting Centre
10 May – 26 July 2013

This exhibition presents a selection of mixed media drawings and beadworks, created in association with the Qubeka Bead Studio, “…that dart between our tangible reality, the fantastical spaces we fabricate and the borrowed words that swim through our minds." Grobler

Image details:
Liza Grobler in association Qubeka bead studio
Kastige Classic (2012)
Glass beads on board
1500 x 3050 cm


For further information or to purchase available artworks please contact:

Lucy MacGarry
Jeanetta Blignaut Art Consultancy Art Director on behalf of Spier
+27 21 461 2679